Another “overreaction” that was not necessary!


OK – so it happened with the Da Vinci Code…the movie did not match up with the hype and controversy.  That’s old  news.  New news…people get panicky about The Golden Compass and its "anti-Christian" message…well, having read the book and NOW having seen the movie, all I can say is "been there, done that".  The movie wasn’t that good especially if you have read the book.  There are way too many important details glossed over…the daemons seem like cute sidekicks instead of an extension of one’s soul.  Lyra is a genius in the movie who figures out everything happening with the gobblers by piecing together obscure conversations.  In the book, she experiences much more and actually discovers what is happening with the missing children.  She’s an average child in the book who is having an extraordinary adventure.  The scenes of battle are intense but "blood" free (obviously a desire by the film makers to appeal to the "family" audience).  Lastly, about the controversy of being anti-faith…the movie makes that issue moot.  Nothing there…just a bunch of thought controllers trying to do somethings to bully there way through life in their world.  There have been many many many other movie villains that have been more threatening to the values and faith of our youth.  So, if you want to see the movie…GO!  Don’t bring small children…it is a PG-13 movie…in this instance, that is a good guide.  But this movie doesn’t threaten our faith.  God is bigger than the boogie man!  And, btw, did I mention that I would love to have a talking polar bear as my friend!  That would be cool! 

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