Beginning an Advent Journey with Brother Maynard and others


The Drumbeat of Hope

The one thing I love about music (at least that I listen to) is the earth pounding drums and bass.  I’m a guitar player…I’ve played for more years than I want to admit.  But despite how much I love my instrument, when I listen to music either live or on CD, I want as much bass and drums as I can get.  Fact is, I dropped way too much money lately upgrading my car stereo with a nice subwoofer…you know the kind…where can drive down residential streets without setting home alarms off.  That’s the sub in action!  Seriously, a driving beat reminds me about the drumbeat and consistency of life…day in and day out…the driving force of time…the themes, struggles, pain, awakenings and reality of what we all must face in this world. 

Seriously, that’s why I love the discipline of the Offices and working through the devotional/book that Bro Maynard has written.  It is another opportunity to tap into a drumbeat…the consistency of sensing God’s presence and hand upon life.  I had to come to some sense of peace of this reality some time ago…I had to realize that God’s presence is the consistency of my life – not my own consistency of looking for or trying to be aware of that presence.  My life and awareness is too fickle…driven by other beats that appear, at the moment, somewhat more mesmerizing or appealing.  Little did I know how truly intoxicating the awareness of God can be…and how life-giving tuning the rhythms of my heart into that which emanates from the Living God.

Today, the drumbeat is that of Hope.  Talk about something we all need…because hopelessness dashes dreams, throws people into depression, and squelches the joy from life.  Taping into the consistency of hope…that drumbeat of God that reminds us that there is always a vision of a new reality undergirding life as we know it and giving us the ability to take another step into life…that is what we so desperately need.  That’s why we say and sing, "O Come Emmanuel"…we need the drumbeat of hope that only comes with a God who draws near!

One thought on “Beginning an Advent Journey with Brother Maynard and others

  1. Love the thought of the Daily Office providing the bass and drum beat! I’m a dabbler in guitar and piano and singing, but I just love a good bass guitar…or a good bass singer, for that matter!

    Too many focus on the melody and don’t realize that it sounds so shallow and hollow without the counterpoint and beat-keeping rhythm.

    Hate to be reminded of Sonny and Cher, but their “The Beat Goes On” just popped into my head!

    Blessings to you, and thanks for plugging in my Advent sub-woofer! ;^)


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