Giving Thanks for Peeps!

Much of the time, most of us think of Thanksgiving as a day to give thanks for what we have in life.  I’ve done informal surveys over the years and a vast majority of people think "houses, cars, money, jobs, and other possessions" when they sit down with family and friends and ready themselves for the obligatory prayer on Turkey Day.  First of all, I’m not going to be cynical about the prayer…I’m so thankful that people are at least stopping for a moment with a heart of gratitude to God (whether they acknowledge Him as true God, Savior, Lord, whatever is another issue).  Let’s just say, at least there are minutes dedicated to God in every household that is upholding the Thanksgiving tradition.  In my mind, that’s good.  Most people though will evaluate the "goodness" of a particular year based upon the cultural criteria – good jobs, good health, successful living.  Truthfully, that’s a good start…but I’d like to see more dedication of our time of Thanksgiving to God for the people in our lives who journey with us through the course of this life.  Everyone of us have people in our lives that we would NOT want to live without…people who are making us what we are…people who are being used of God to shape us and mold us more into the likeness of Jesus…God does not work in a vacuum…God does work through people.  So, how about thanking God for people in your life…in fact, do it now!  I have to say that I couldn’t imagine my life without my wife Vicky…each of my four kids…my five granddaughters…Dave, Mark, Megs, Gary, Roy and Sally, Chanel, Kevin, Ashley, Jo, Jason, Rickard, Mark, the "Tims" in have in my life…Cory, Samuel, Levi, Linda and John, Steve, my blogging buddies…Jon, my workout pals, my friends @ Rembrandts, David, my sisters, my dad…nephews and nieces…frankly, I could go on for days.  Without them, my life would not be as full and meaningful!  Thank you Lord for all my peeps! 

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