On with the Show!

The Literature Review chapter is finished…whew!  As I went into Friday, with many of your thoughts and prayers I might add, I had little expectation of completely chapter two.  But it is now behind me…at least until my mentor and DMin supervisor takes it apart and has me re-write it.  It is now on to the second section of the project…the section I have actually been waiting to write..the section that has to do with my thoughts on contemporary praxis in adolescent leadership development and spiritual formation.  I’ve got a stack of books, articles and notes staring me in the face.  I have goals of incorporating many of the lessons we learned in our journey with the Youth Leadership Institute as well as conversations, ministry experiments and feedback from students themselves on the power of liminality, diverse experiences in the Spirit as well as rigorous intellectual challenge.  It should be fun now…at least I hope it is.  More to come on this…

Tomorrow I’ll try to post something else instead of moaning about the project, OK?  My commitment to you!  Seriously!  Don’t laugh!

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