I’m writing this Literature Review today if it kills me!

Writing2Today, I’m sitting at my desk working on my DMin project…chapter two is the Literature Review.  So far, I’ve written about half of the project and this Lit Review has been screwing with my plans to finish the entire project by the end of the calendar year.  For some reason, I just can’t get this chapter finished…I’ve started it and psyched myself out time after time.  So today I have thrown down the gauntlet…it will be finished today or I’ll kill myself…no I won’t go that far…but it will get down today or I’ll have to kick my dog…er, not going to do that either…I got it!  It will get finished today or I’ll force myself to drink a bottle of Merlot that I’ve been saving for Christmas.  That way I can drown my sorrows.  How does that sound?  Ok, I’m off.  Let me end this post and get back to work.  Mmmm, where is that corkscrew? 

2 thoughts on “I’m writing this Literature Review today if it kills me!

  1. i almost commented on the 16th but then if you read it then, we’d all know that you were … ummm … distracted(!) from your task. didn’t want to be responsible for that temptaiton, so it’s the next day and now i’m commenting.

    of course, now that it is today instead of yesterday, if you didn’t finish it, you’d either be unable to focus on this script because of temporarily reduced accuity due to merlotovision (it’ll pass) or the (hopefully) exceptionally rare revognah-vision where everything reads backwards. frightful, but ssap llahs oot siht.

    maybe i should just give up commenting on my (non)commenting and comment: so, robin, how’d the literature review go? that’s always one of the roughest sections … praying it turned out well!


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