The struggle with what to tell our Community about giving!

Money_churchWe are beginning a new phase of our journey as a Faith Community…we have been taking new steps in living our lives in Jesus by starting to offer worship gatherings and relational experiences to the community at large.  We’re doing it twice a month so that we affirm what God is doing in and through other local expressions of "ekklesia"…none of us what to do one of those "us vs. them" games where we say that "we have our act together" and all those other churches don’t…so we are attempting to provide an alternative to learning and growing into difference makers in the Kingdom.  But now we are entering a slippery slope in terms of addressing the issue of $$$ in the life of a growing follower of Jesus.  My pal, Brother Maynard, makes some good comments about this on his blog today as well as linking to all sorts of others who are processing the same issue.  Anyway, I’m praying and seeking Spirit’s leadership in how to instruct our community faithfully on the issue of money and giving.  I’ll share with you how it all comes out in the wash..for now, the only thing I can faithfully teach is the concept of "holistic" giving…a long time ago, I used to be a "tithing" pusher because I thought it was the most faithful manner of entering the arena of sacrificial giving…now though, tithing appears not only legalistic (in relation to what is happening throughout the scope of American Christianity) but also short-sighted.  Jesus doesn’t talk about percentage giving but whole life and whole "wallet" giving (Matthew 25:14-46, Matthew 19:16ff, Matthew 16:24ff, Mark 12:41-44)…now, how to communicate that faithfully is the issue of the day. More to come…

4 thoughts on “The struggle with what to tell our Community about giving!

  1. Since you are embarking on a study of church stewardship, I would be grateful if you would check out my web site on the issue of tithing. It began from my PHD dissertation and has grown considerably. I offer FREE downloadble materials such as my 288 page book and my 2 hour video on the subject. The material can also be purchased. Thank you and may God bless you. Author of Should the Church Teach Tithing at the .com address.


  2. Robin,
    By my observation, tithing often becomes a way to “cleanse” the 90% you’ve got left so you can do whatever you want with it. The question I posed for myself to grapple with a few years back really confronted the heart of giving, I think. What if you had to justify not what you gave away, but what you kept?


  3. Robin,

    Very much interested in how the Lord leads you in all this. Money certainly seems to be a big issue and current focus for many. Maybe its due to the fact that there is a powerful connection to the God of Mammon. In our community we are struggling through the issues of how we can keep from being dominated by this counter God. I think Brother Maynard has an excellent point in his question.


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