Re/New Community and our First community-wide gathering!

Last night, @ the building of Hope Lutheran Church in Eagle, Idaho..our community "hosted" our first community-wide worship/communal gathering.  We had about 30 people together in the facility…to begin with, a simple supper of soup and bread and cookies.  Interestingly enough, the butter was the big "hit" of the meal.  I don’t know why that is…but people were talking about it for the entire evening. Go Figure!  Then we gathered in the sanctuary for a worship experience…filled with video, discussion, storytelling, music, art, scripture, confession, and a talk on the parable of the New Wineskins in Luke 5.  It was a great experience and people who were with us for the night seemed to profit from our vision and commitment to missional living and Kingdom representation in the context of real life.  We’re going to do these twice a month for no other reason but to have opportunities as a community to invite our friends, families, neighbors, etc. to check out our life journey and to join us in a new way of living.  We also are emphatic about this not being an "us vs. them" thing…in other words, we don’t want to be arrogant in our feeling that we are "real" church vs. all those attractional, program-centered institutions…although…sorry, got caught up in my head there for a minute!  Seriously, we want to affirm what God is doing in our city and through local churches that have been attempting to be faithful in their own way and context…we are simply saying, "there is another way"…if people want to check it out through the relationships that we have with them, than they are welcome to join in!  All in all, it was a great experience…I’ll keep you informed!

2 thoughts on “Re/New Community and our First community-wide gathering!

  1. yo! butter?!

    could it be …

    in talking recently with a nutritionist friend, he happened to mention that people often crave real butter when they’ve been enduring stressful situations. apparently, stress causes our bodies to deplete fat-soluable vitamins (like A and E), so we’re craving sources that replace ’em. don’t take it as absolute gospel that everybody was overstressed and so were manifesting a secret longing for butterosity, but who knows …

    meanwhile, no more “margarine church” for me …


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