Finished our Screening last night and had a great journey!

HeaderLast night our faith community finished watching the documentary, "Purple State of Mind",.  Produced by some new friends of ours, The Priddy Brothers, this documentary follows a relationship…a good relationship between old friends and college roommates.  The conversation is filmed in all of its raw freshness.  It is full of emotion, reality, conflict, resolution, feeling, insight, intelligence and, most importantly, love.  The thing that struck our community (we viewed it over four weeks…allowing ourselves to watch one conversation a night) was the integrity of this friendship despite considerable political and theological differences.  Here is a synopsis of the film from the PSOM website:

Welcome to a conversation between two old friends. Welcome to a real
conversation about the things that divide and unite all of us: our
memories, our identities, our beliefs, our choices.
  Craig Detweiler and John Marks have known each other for twenty-five
years. When they roomed together as sophomores at Davidson College,
they were devout Christians. It was Craig’s first year in the faith,
John’s last. After college, they parted ways, and when they met again,
years later, they never talked about what happened… until now…


Their conversation starts as a bull session between pals and becomes a
story about how people make friends, and how they lose them; how people
change, how they grow, and how they deal with the big stuff: death,
sex, the meaning of life, God. The conversation between Craig and John
captures in all its intimacy and difficulty a one on one reckoning
between two people who want to understand each other but won’t
compromise their beliefs.  At a time when the
country is ever more divided over questions of faith and doubt, welcome
to a new way of talking… welcome to a new territory of the heart.
Welcome to a Purple State of Mind.

I don’t know how to state it any clearer.  Our community discovered that following Craig and John’s journey made an impact on each of us.  It reminded us about the power of love and relationships…it showed us the power of listening and respecting someone despite differences.  It is truly one of the most "missional" films you will see…it gives people a picture of what relationships can be and how we can love as Jesus loved.  If I could afford to buy a bunch of copies and insist that the friends I have who are involved in a new "kind" of ekklesia watch it in the context of their faith communities and journeys, I would do it.  All I can do is encourage you to check it out on your own.  Following this conversation between Craig and John sparked significant conversation, questions, and insights within our community and it will in yours as well.  Hey, I’m saying all these things without the knowledge or encouragement of anybody related to the film…it is worth it to me to tell you about it! 

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