Sometime Whining Pays off!

Ist2_2635490_whiningHey, I have to admit this…maybe it has to do with my morning discipline of "cleansing the soul"…but some whining on my behalf recently paid off!  Frankly, whiners should all be put out to pasture…but when I received an email from a group of blogger friends recently and did not find my name on the list of "new blogs" to read, I started to whine.  Yep, I emailed that group of buddies moments later crying out for some blogger love!  And, I am ashamed to admit, it actually worked.  In one day, the number of people visiting this site increased dramatically.  So, can we come to the conclusion – some whining pays off?  I don’t know…it is not a habit that I want to get into…but under the circumstances, it worked for me…at least once!

3 thoughts on “Sometime Whining Pays off!

  1. Robin…I didn’t see it so much as whining as I did squeaking…as in the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    That being said…now that some “anointing with the oil of gladness” has occurred, you better get rolling along ;^) …like over to my blog to say hello…hehehe.

    Shalom, bro…hey, did you see Bro M & Len’s postings about it today?


  2. Man, where’s the love? You were one of the first links I added to my blog. I have left comments, I check you blog almost every day…(I’m just seeing if whining works…:) )


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