One of the proofs that I’m Old!

Caution_footinmouth478x460Foot in Mouth disease…I’m getting it in spades.  As I am wrestling with my age, I’m discovering that I perceive of myself as much younger than I actually am.  Example – today at the Missional Order conference, I’m talking to Pete Askew of the Northumbria Community.  I say to him as we are talking about students and missional communities, "Pete I need to talk to you about this because I perceive that we are about the same age…I’m 52…how old are you?".  He says, "I’m only 34".  Doh!  One of the proofs that I am getting old is that I think I’m younger.  I’ve got to come to some manner of accepting my age without acting my age…accepting my age without being in denial about the implications of it.  Oh well…it used to be that I would be able to be "flattering" to students by purposely telling them that they looked older than they actually were; now I’ve got to be careful about not telling adults that they are older than they actually are.  The tragedy is that I look around rooms now and sense that I’m really not much older than these people…and that’s when I’m hanging out with college students.  You see, it is a matter of perspective, isn’t it?  I think I’m going to buy the warning sign above…foot in mouth problems have got to be addressed in my life.  How about yours? 

One thought on “One of the proofs that I’m Old!

  1. Dude…we’re about the same age. 52 is not old…82 is!

    My youngest is 6 years old…I am not old because I hang with youngsters. Same with you. I just forget the age differences…


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