Off to the Missional Order Gathering – Allelon!

Taidan2Tomorrow morning, I’ll be jumping on a Horizon Air flight for Seattle/Tacoma and heading to the Allelon-sponsored Gathering for a Missional Order @ Seabeck Conference Center.  Besides looking forward to what appears to be a magnificent site, I’m looking forward to meeting some people that I have waited for a long time to meet.  In addition, I am looking forward to the discussions and hang out time.  I have some high interest in a Missional Order…not only for our community but also for the students that we have mentored over the past five years.  We "started" a Missional Order of our own with our Youth Leadership Institute students.  I am going to give you an opportunity to download our Missional Order booklet if you like…it will give you an chance to see some of the work I’ve done and YLI has accomplished in giving imagination to a new type of living for a young and growing Christ-follower.  I’ll try to keep up the blog while I’m there…no guarentees…I’m still working on my doctoral project…so, give me some needed space! 

One thought on “Off to the Missional Order Gathering – Allelon!

  1. Robin,

    Thanks for your post and sharing your booklet. I have made a copy of it to read and look forward to meeting you and the rest of the group tomorrow afternoon.



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