It’s that time – Finishing my Doctorate!

Gaz07The caption on this cartoon originally read, "drop and give me 20 pages".  Well, that’s the feeling I get as I start to wade into dissertation land.  It has finally arrived after months of waiting until the "right moment"…some may call that procrastination…but it wasn’t…er, well it was in some respect.  Oh well…I’m jumping in!  I would love to get this behind me and to proudly hang myself…er, hang the degree right next to my Trace Bundy posters and Yambar partoons in my music room.  I’m working on the intro and chapter one this weekend.  So help me God!

2 thoughts on “It’s that time – Finishing my Doctorate!

  1. Congratulations! You have made it very far and you are near the end. I too am finishing up my dissertation. I am hoping to finish my chapter 1 this week. The goals is to graduate in May 2008. I will say a prayer for you as I am working on my diss.


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