The Shack – Book reflections

ShackA few days ago, I finished reading a wonderfully creative and challenging "novel", The Shack.  The fact that the author claims that this is more of a real life experience than a fictional tale is provocative.  Many who know me understand that I have not only "charismatic" roots but also "charismatic" leanings.  I know that the Power and Presence of God can astound us.  I know that God can act in ways that confound and surprise us.  To say that these things actually took place is NOT what is the most challenging.  I can buy that…in fact, there were times I was envious of the premise of the book…an actual "face to face" discussion with the Triune God.  I am not going to review the book in this post…this is one that needs to be read, period, not because someone you trust says to read it…rather because it is a book that can give you some new ideas, perspectives and a story that is compellingly interesting.  Fact is, I am going to read the book again next week because I simply rushed parts of it.  I was that pulled into the story.  I am giving you a couple of links to be able to see some reviews.  Check out "Subversive Influence" and the Facebook’s Group on the book.   Also the Internet Monk has a good review on the book.  That should keep you busy…in the meantime, the book is now available on Amazon…you might want to check it out!  Click on the book to get the exact link!


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