Suffering for Jesus on an Alaskan Cruise

GrandprinOK – I am a romantic!  I sold some of my musical equipment this year to be able to surprise my wife Vicky with an Alaskan Cruise for our 15th anniversary.  Don’t feel completely sorry for me because I have a serious GAS problem…so I have equipment to spare.  GAS, by the way, is a serious psychological disease…"Gear Aquisition Syndrome".  Fact is, it runs in the family…at least with all the male musicians in our family…we have to have MORE pedals, MORE effects, MORE guitars, BIGGER amps…the situation is serious.  So, as a spiritual discipline AND as a completely self-sacrificial move, I sold some stuff and Vicky and I are heading to Alaska this Sunday for a week.  Really, we go to British Columbia and board one of the "Love Boats" and head up the coast.  Besides how cool a cruise is (we did a Mexican cruise for our 10th anniversary), we are also doing ONE fun excursion…helicopter to the Mendenhall Glacier and then mushing a dog sled team ON the glacier.  How fun does that sound?   So, if you don’t see any posts for a few days, think and pray for me.  Frankly, I can’t wait.  Fifteen years with my wonderful wife, Vicky, is just too fun to celebrate.  It was fun to surprise her…it will be even more fun to go and spend these moments together!  See ya when I get back in a week…Dscn1931

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