A Quote that took my breath away!

Emptytreessm_2"I can see further from my office window when there are no leaves on the trees"

Yesterday, in a chance meeting with my friend, Rickard, he shared with me a very moving statement that he read in a book that was written by an old Swedish Bishop.  I heard the quote and it has stuck in my mind and heart throughout the day…this is about perspective…it is about the power of barrenness and what happens when changes take hold of our lives.  I wish this book was available in english…if it was, we would all be hearing about it.  Nonetheless, this is a quote to ponder…to think about your life and the struggles, changes, pain, hardships, and barrenness that you encounter and what they really do in life.  I’ve often said in some of my own messages and teachings that pain is not something to always find an escape from as much as it is where we discover meaning within.   We need to more and more not seek immediate delivery FROM struggles as much as we discover the presence of God WITHIN the walk through the valley of the shadow of death.  Hey, when I find out more about this author and book, you’ll be the first to know about it!

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