It takes a lot to stop me in the middle of my reading…but this did it!

51t9jhd43fl_ss500_"I have learned the degree to which a man experiences brokenness is the same degree to which he can experience wholeness" (p. 126)

The man’s name is Bill…he had experienced more tragedy in a matter of months in his life than many of us have experienced over the course of years.  Jim Palmer is his friend…Bill is his "pastor, priest, revelator" and more.  Understand in this context – Jim is the one with the theological training and church experience…he’s the one who (according to his own confession in the book) should be the one bringing the truth and comfort to his hurting friend, Bill.  In this instance, as in most of life at those moments of real healing and transformation, the roles are reversed.  Master becomes student…Leader becomes follower…Lord becomes friend.  I usually don’t stop reading at night.  Since it is my designated reading time, I am usually as driven as I am during the day.  I start reading and, essentially, nothing stops me until I get tired enough to drift off to sleep.  I have fallen into an "academic trap" since I have been involved in a D.Min. journey (which ends this fall, yeah!) of having to finish a section of one book so that I can quickly move on to another.  I have, unfortunately, gotten out of the habit of simply meditating on some of the truths that pass my consciousness.  But this small sentence took the wind out of my sails…in a good way.  I had to stop and pause…I had to savor the moment because this one sentence contains one of the most profound truths that I have come across in a long time.  Here’s my suggestion to you – pick up Palmer’s book, Divine Nobodies.  My buddy Dave and I (he’s my reading compadre) have ascertained that Jim’s book will be on the top of our list of books that need to be read as people grow toward a renewed view of life in the Kingdom.  Secondly, read the sentence that I have quoted at the top of this post…I’m not going to pontificate on its power…I’m going to let you (along with myself) read it and ponder it.  I want to let it soak into my soul.  You see, true significance isn’t in achievement or popularity or perceived recognition…it is in brokenness.  Wholeness isn’t what is placed upon you from the outside…it is that which comes as a gift.  Jim, thanks for sharing this story – it has made a difference.  Bill – your brokenness and willingness to be vulnerable about your journey has birthed another unforeseen miracle.  Lesson is in the process of being learned…

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