I thought I was in pretty good shape…until “it” came into my life!

Sm_product_255I was pretty proud of myself for a long time…working out three times a week and playing some roller hockey to boot!  Yeah, it was hard (since I am on the 50 side of life) to keep up conditioning with a body that deteriorates more rapidly than a month old bunch of bananas…but I thought I was winning the battle.  Then, our daughter became a "spin cycle" instructor…so, I thought I would give her class a try…

Now, for those of you who are curious, I’m not going to admit how I felt after the first class that I attended…I’ve been accused by some of being a bit too blunt in my words of late.  So, let’s suffice to say that "it" kicked my butt!  So, I’ve decided, since I am a masochist at heart, to do the spin class three or four times a week.  I don’t know why..maybe it is because I might be taking a trip to see my Canadian friends this winter and have a game of REAL hockey in mind…maybe it’s because I really want to be able to play an entire game of roller hockey without calling 911…maybe it’s because I’m just plain stupid…anyway, "it" has come into my life and I’m going to do my best to embrace it!  Do me a favor…would you say something nice at my funeral?

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