A couple of blog posts that made me smile and cry

"I was reading a somewhat popular church marketing blog recently which
talks often about what hours during the day are the best for
advertising on the radio for churches. Advice for churches so they can
stay "relevant".  My thought:  If you have to advertise for your congregation it’s a good sign that you are irrelevant".  Mark Riddle

"usa today reports a new survey by lifeway that
shows the number of young adults leaving protestant churches after high
school is even more dramatic than we’d previously heard. i’d always
thought the percentage was about 50. but this survey shows it’s more
than 2/3, at 70%."  Marko


2 thoughts on “A couple of blog posts that made me smile and cry

  1. Hey Robin, Good to see you briefly in Boise–I am sorry we didn’t have a chance to sit down over coffee.

    That is a sad comment on young adults and church–are they leaving because the “world” is so alluring or is it because they are finding no hope in “church” or are they leaving for other reasons…. I am interested because as a part of the “church”….Christ’s body, I feel, in part, responsible.

    On another note….you are in my prayers as you journey with Jesus–May the music of God’s grace resonate deeply within your heart.



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