One Journey ends…another Begins

Renew_logo4This logo might look a bit "familiar" to you…as I am writing this entry, the Youth Leadership Institute of the Haggard School of Theology (Azusa Pacific University) is ending its journey.  The Lilly Endowment grant has just a few months left of breath…Sally and I are doing our best to finish the five year grant contract with enthusiasm and commitment to the grant journey!  TEAM 3 is in August…our 10 day backpack expedition is just about full (if you are interested, email Sally asap and that will be our final YLI event.  Then, we are putting our lives under the leadership of the Spirit in a new way.  Yesterday, we received word from the IRS that Re/New Ministries just received its non-profit status.  That gives us the opportunity to pursue grants and other sources of funding to continue on our strategy in new, missional, exciting, and community-based ways.  We’re going to not only have a "YLI-type" expression where we train students in leadership and spiritual formation, but we are also going to continue our work on a Missional Order, Adventure-type programs AND a local expression of "ekklesia".  All these things will fall under a new "banner" of Re/New.  You can check out what we are doing on our website: OR – they will both take you to the same place.  For now, bookmark them and keep tabs on what is happening…pray for us.  These new steps are significant!

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