Images – Day One

Today was the first day of TEAM 07…registration, team building and our first general session…general sessions are "inspirational" in nature…meant to engage student’s emotions and heart in the context of a larger gathering.  Yes, there is a "talk" and music as well as videos, fun and an urge for students to engage God in worship.  But we don’t have unrealistic expectations of these times being more than they are…they are valuable but not "the end all" for our TEAM experience.  We’ll be trying to post some of the videos and talks for the conference…so keep posted through this blog and our website (  Nathan Barnes, youth pastor of Redwood Church in Thunder Bay Canada (Ontario that is…way up there in the frozen north).  He’s talking about who we are as images of God…how we are the text of God to the world.  He’s posing the question, "what are we communicating about God to the world?"  What image are we reflecting?  Good words…Aaron Dugall is leading singing and worship experiences tonight…we’ve had a blast so far.  Earlier in the day, our community of over 125 gathered in  one of the fields at APU for a team building day…creative, physical challenges meant to strengthen relationship and provide perplexing exercises for the small groups to solve.  Great day…good kickoff for the conference…more to come tomorrow! Question for you – how are you communicating who God is through your life?

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