Day One at TEAM 07

Image888 Day One at the TEAM 07 Conference was today…after the Executive Staff drove 17 hours from our home in Idaho, we arrived last night for an evening of rest and celebration with some of our other staff.  Dinner was enjoyed at BJ’s restaurant…one of the favorite places for all our staff.  This morning, it was unloading the trailer, setting up our main room in Upper Turner at Azusa Pacific University, welcoming all our staff from all over the country, having small group training sessions, meals, worship and an overall look at the logistics of the conference this week…all in all, an exhausting and fulfilling day.  We closed our night with a TEAM conference first…staff worship evening which included a prolonged time of meditation, a compline liturgy and a "confessional" video that I made to get the staff focused on the issues of brokenness and humility.  125 students will be arriving first thing in the morning…we kick it off then.  Pray for the conference…I’ll be keeping you posted! 

2 thoughts on “Day One at TEAM 07

  1. I hope the Conference goes well! Send everyone my love! I wish I could be there but I am preparing to go study abroad in South Africa at the end of July. I’ll be praying for the conference and the changes made in everyone’s lives in the next couple of days. Peace out!


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