Blackhawks win the Championship!

BlackhawksNo, if you know anything about the NHL, you know that the Ducks of Anaheim won the Stanley Cup.  But the Roller hockey team that Aaron and I play on in the HUGE city of Nampa, Idaho WON THE ROLLERDROME MEMORIAL CUP this summer season.  Yep, Aaron was #2 in scoring this season…I had the most goals I had scored since joining the league last year.  It was a good last game…back and forth, tied several times with our team winning with a final goal with 45 seconds left in regulation.  Aaron and I picked up our GOLD medals…hefted the trophy with the rest of our team…skated around the rink as the loudspeakers played the Queen classic, "We are the Champions".  It is all good!  There’s nothing overtly meaningful, moving, earth-changing, redemptive, or theological about this post…it is simply fun to brag occasionally.  Hey, I’m over 50 years of age…still playing hockey…kicking butt and taking names!  Enough said!

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