Sorry I haven’t posted lately…but

Eagleidaho_8x11_colorWell, I haven’t posted for a while.  Normally, I would be walking through the moments of life carrying immeasurable guilt.  In this instance though, I’m not.  We (my community and the Youth Leadership Institute) just finished a week that should have been focused on the Idaho TEAM 07 conference…but the week focused on relationship celebrations, conversations, prayer, support and fun together as an extended community.  The reason…we had to cancel the Idaho TEAM…that was a difficult but necessary decision.  Yet, the cancellation of one event opened the way for the week that we enjoyed.  This past week was highlighted by Nathan Barnes ( joining us all week…the fun that we had with our buddies Musil and his girlfriend Jackie…and finally with Trace Bundy and his wife Becca joining us during a majority of the time.  Time with Barnsie is precious…we enjoy a special relationship marked by a deep passion for life, good wine, intellectual endeavors, praxis debate and partnership in Kingdom living.  I wish we could live side by side all the time…I cherish our friendship more than I can say.  Time with Trace was powerfully important to me on many levels…he’s is simply not only a talent to be contended with but his artistic, sensitive, entertaining, and thoughtful personality has blessed our community and personally has enhanced my life’s journey profoundly.   So, it was a great week…I’m back for a few more posts this week.  Hopefully, they will reflect some of the things that have been swirling around in the depth of my soul.  Hey, while you are here, check out Trace’s website and music…and see what’s happening in Nathan’s life through the Plunge Ministry in Thunder Bay, Ontario! 

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