In honor of Canada Day!



Things to do on Canada Day:

1 – Say a lot of “eh’s”
2 – Drink Molson Beer
3 – Proudly display the Canadian flag in all your emails 
4 – listen to the Canadian national anthem by clicking here
5 – since Canada is famous for mosquitos, Fight West Nile virus by organizing mosquito hunt. Liven it up by using guns and live ammo.
6 – Burn all your Celine Dion CDs and have a party
7 – Get out some ice cubes and play Curling by pushing them around on the floor while sweeping the floor with brooms…it won’t exactly be like Curling but it will make as much sense as the game!
8 – Go to your local Macy’s…buy some cosmetics and put them on in memory of the most famous Metrosexual in Canada, our own Nate Barnes
9 – Love on a Canadian…if you can find one!  NO, not that way!
10 – Break into a restaurant with a walk-in freezer and stand in it for an hour…in honor of Canada!

Love for all things Canadian!
Kiss a Canadian on Sunday!

Blackhawks win the Championship!

BlackhawksNo, if you know anything about the NHL, you know that the Ducks of Anaheim won the Stanley Cup.  But the Roller hockey team that Aaron and I play on in the HUGE city of Nampa, Idaho WON THE ROLLERDROME MEMORIAL CUP this summer season.  Yep, Aaron was #2 in scoring this season…I had the most goals I had scored since joining the league last year.  It was a good last game…back and forth, tied several times with our team winning with a final goal with 45 seconds left in regulation.  Aaron and I picked up our GOLD medals…hefted the trophy with the rest of our team…skated around the rink as the loudspeakers played the Queen classic, "We are the Champions".  It is all good!  There’s nothing overtly meaningful, moving, earth-changing, redemptive, or theological about this post…it is simply fun to brag occasionally.  Hey, I’m over 50 years of age…still playing hockey…kicking butt and taking names!  Enough said!

Reading an old nemesis

Call it what you will, I’m finally picking up a book I’ve been looking forward to reading for some time!  Capon…I used to say his name with a bit of distaste in my mouth…he was one of those theologians that was forcefed to me when I was in seminary.  As far as reading him for pleasure, forget it.  I ignored him purely because I disliked my theo. prof in seminary and because we were being pushed in grad. theology classes to be universalists.  I have to admit, I never really gave Capon a chance.  So, because I love a good intellectual challenge, I’m diving in…today.  Look for some tasty quotes along this journey…more to come!

Sorry I haven’t posted lately…but

Eagleidaho_8x11_colorWell, I haven’t posted for a while.  Normally, I would be walking through the moments of life carrying immeasurable guilt.  In this instance though, I’m not.  We (my community and the Youth Leadership Institute) just finished a week that should have been focused on the Idaho TEAM 07 conference…but the week focused on relationship celebrations, conversations, prayer, support and fun together as an extended community.  The reason…we had to cancel the Idaho TEAM…that was a difficult but necessary decision.  Yet, the cancellation of one event opened the way for the week that we enjoyed.  This past week was highlighted by Nathan Barnes ( joining us all week…the fun that we had with our buddies Musil and his girlfriend Jackie…and finally with Trace Bundy and his wife Becca joining us during a majority of the time.  Time with Barnsie is precious…we enjoy a special relationship marked by a deep passion for life, good wine, intellectual endeavors, praxis debate and partnership in Kingdom living.  I wish we could live side by side all the time…I cherish our friendship more than I can say.  Time with Trace was powerfully important to me on many levels…he’s is simply not only a talent to be contended with but his artistic, sensitive, entertaining, and thoughtful personality has blessed our community and personally has enhanced my life’s journey profoundly.   So, it was a great week…I’m back for a few more posts this week.  Hopefully, they will reflect some of the things that have been swirling around in the depth of my soul.  Hey, while you are here, check out Trace’s website and music…and see what’s happening in Nathan’s life through the Plunge Ministry in Thunder Bay, Ontario! 

A Quote from Capon that is more fun than a barrell of monkeys!

"Let me tell you why God made the world.

afternoon, before anything was made, God the Father, God the Son and
God the Holy Ghost sat around in the unity of their Godhead discussing
one of the Father’s fixations. From all eternity, it seems he had had
this thing about being. He would keep thinking up all kinds
of unnecessary things—new ways of being and new kinds of beings to be.
And as they talked, God the Son suddenly said, “Really, this is
absolutely great stuff. Why don’t I go out and mix us up a batch?” And
God the Holy Ghost said, “Terrific, I’ll help you.” So they all pitched
in, and after supper that night, the Son and the Holy Ghost put on this
tremendous show of being for the Father. It was full of water and light
and frogs; pine cones kept dropping all over the place and crazy fish
swam around in the wineglasses. There were mushrooms and grapes,
horseradishes and tigers—and men and women everywhere to taste them, to
juggle them, to join them and to love them. And God the Father looked
at the whole wild party and he said, “Wonderful! Just what I had in
mind! Tov! Tov! Tov!” And all God the Son and God the Holy Ghost could think of to say was the same thing. “Tov! Tov! Tov!” So they shouted together “Tov meod!”
and they laughed for ages and ages, saying things like how great it was
for things to be, and how clever of the Father to think of the idea,
and how kind of the Son to go to all that trouble putting it together,
and how considerate of the Spirit to spend so much time directing and
choreographing. And forever and ever they told old jokes, and the
Father and the Son drank their wine in unitate Spiritus Sancti, and they all threw ripe olives and pickled mushrooms at each other per omnia saecula saeulorum. Amen.

is, I grant you, a crass analogy; but crass analogies are the safest.
Everybody knows that God is not three old men throwing olives at each
other. Not everyone, I’m afraid, is equally clear that God is not a
cosmic force or a principle of being or any other dish of celestial
blancmange we might choose to call him. Accordingly, I give you the
central truth that creation is the result of a Trinitarian bash, and
leave the details of the analogy to sort themselves out as best they

One slight elucidation, however. It is very easy, when
talking about creation, to conceive of God’s part in it as simply
getting the ball rolling—as if he were a kind of divine billiard cue,
after whose action inexorable laws took over and excused him from
further involvement with the balls. But that won’t work. This world is fundamentally unnecessary. Nothing has to
be. It needs a creator, not only for its beginning, but for every
moment of its being. Accordingly, the Trinitarian bash doesn’t really
come before creation; what actually happens is that all of
creation, from start to finish, occurs within the bash—that the
raucousness of the divine party is simultaneous with the being of
everything that ever was or will be. If you like paradoxes, it means
that God is the eternal contemporary of all of the events and beings in

From Robert Capon’s book, The Romance of the Word

Solarize and Allelon Podcasts


Well…it has finally happened! Allelon is podcasting…good edition this week with a thorough interview with the Tall Skinny Kiwi.  Go to ITunes and check that out!  Or you can see it on  The other podcast recommendation comes from "The Ooze" and Spencer Burke.  The guy is great in his conversations with Ron Martoia and Karen Ward.  Very insightful interviews!  Check them both out on ITunes…email them and tell em, "Robin sent ya".  OK?

So my buddy is leading his kids into heresy

Tigger5Ok, so here’s the story…my buddy in life, Rickard, is on his way home with his family when they are stopped in the middle of the road after an animal had been hit by a car.  Sad enough until they discovered it was their cat, Tigger.  As you can imagine, it was a huge tragedy in a normally stable and non-emotional home.  After whisking the poor cat to the vet and spending some serious cash on a tigger fix, the cat made it to live another day.  The problem was that Tigger was not out of the woods…health wise that is.  A phone call from the vet the next day sealed his fate…Tigger was on his last life, er, legs.  He wasn’t going to make it…which prompted an outpouring of prayer from Rickard and Laurie’s kids.  Tears were gathered up by the angels and presented to God…and lo and behold, moments away from breathing his last, Tigger made a comeback.  The family was at the vet to say their goodbyes and Laurie noticed that Tigger was looking better…the vet and the family couldn’t believe it!  Tigger, instead of going to the sweet by and by, was going HOME!  As you can imagine, the miracle prompted a discussion about prayer among the family from which theological assumptions were underscored by Rickard in his talk with his children.  As he said to me today…"how do you answer the fact that Tigger is going home and God healed him?"  "Sure, God is not taking care of AIDS in Africa or world hunger but he is healing our family cat".  Well, this teaching moment presents itself to Laurie and Rickard…since Rickard is the family theologian and missional practitioner, he now has the distinct pleasure of either underscoring heresy and rooting out misunderstandings about prayer and cats OR he can ignore the situation and let his children loose in our community to lay hands on any injured animal.  I can see it now…"daddy, there’s another sick/injured animal…pull over, I’m feeling the presence of the Hoooooooly Spirit".  Maybe it is true that the Bjerkander children have the "gift of healing of cats".  It is a little known gift of the Spirit mentioned in 3 Timothy 2:12.  If that is the case, we are in big trouble.   Like many of you, the only good cat is a…er, well, ah…I better not go there!  If the children have the gift of healing of cats and I blast them, maybe I’ll be visited by an Ananias and Sapphira moment.  That would be very unpleasant!  So, here’s to Tigger and here’s to the kids…may they forever know the truth about the power of prayer!   

She’ll do all the work…I’ll take some credit

My friend Heidi is reading Parker Palmer’s Hidden Wholeness.  Great great great book…I read it a couple of years ago…so, since she is quoting memorable sections on her blog and doing all that work, I’m going to cut and paste some sections here.  Hey, give me credit.  At least I’m reading her blog before I rip it off and post the quotes on mine!  A guy has to save some time occasionally!

"… The deeper your issue goes, the less likely it is that my advice
will be of any real value. I may know how to fix your car or help you
write a paper, but I do not know how to salvage your failed marriage,
or save you from despair. My answer to your deepest difficulties merely
reflects what I would do if I were you, which I am not. And even if I
were your psychospiritual clone, my solution would be of little use to
you unless it arose from within your soul and you claimed it as your
own.In the face of your deepest questions… our habit of advising
each other reveals its shadow side. If the shadow could speak its
logic, I think it would say something like this: "If you take my
advice, it will surely solve your problem. If you take my advice but
fail to solve your problem, you did not try hard enough. If you fail to
take my advice, I did the best I could. So I am covered. Not matter how
things come out, I no longer need to worry about you or your vexing
problem."  The shadow behind the "fixes" we offer for issues hat we
cannot fix, ironically, the desire to hold each other at bay. It is a
strategy for abandoning each other while appearing to be concerned.
Perhaps this explains why one of the most common laments of your time
is that "no one really sees me, hears me, or understands me." How can
we understand another when instead of listening deeply, we rush to
repair that person in order to escape further involvement? The sense of
isolation and invisibility that marks so many lives– not least the
lives of young people, whom we constantly try to fix– is due in part
to a mode of "helping" that allows us to dismiss each other.When
you speak to me about your deepest questions, you do not want to be
fixed or saved: you want to be seen and heard, to have your truth
acknowledged and honored. If your problem is soul-deep, your soul alone
knows what you need to do about it, and my presumtuous advice will only
drive your soul back into the woods. So the best service I can render
when you speak to me about such a struggle is to hold you faihfully in
a space where you can lisen to your inner teacher."