Fresh thoughts gleaned from my freefalling friend

One of my favorite blogs is my friend, Heidi’s (Lessons in Freefalling).  Today, she posted some thoughts by Parker Palmer.  I’m not going to write anymore…just let these thoughts bathe over your soul:

"… as soon as we succumb to someone else’s definition of who we are,
we lose our sense of true self and of our right relation to the world.
It makes no difference if those projections make us the hero or the
goat: when we allow others to name us, we lose touch with our own truth
and undermine our capacity to cocreate in life-giving ways with ‘the

…So the woodcarver resist people’s efforts to name him
from the outside in. With simplicity and clarity, he claims the right
to name himself from the inside out: ‘I am only a workman: I have no
secret.’ When we fail to take this first, critical step of fending off
projections and reserving the right to name our own truth, we become
lost in eternal smoke and mirrors and cannot even find the trail head
of the path into our inner lives.

… What projections surround
me? where do they come from? What drives them? how do they distort my
sense of self? How am I dealing with them, and how might I deal with
them better? How can I name and claim my own truth? Such questions, and
our answers to them, are critical steps on the journey toward and
undivided life."

— Parker J. Palmer,
A Hidden Wholenes

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