Abby’s new journey is just beginning – cancer free!

My lovely and wonderful granddaughter, Abigail, has finished her journey!  After being diagnosed with Leukemia two and a half years ago…after countless pills, pokes, problems, pain and, most importantly, prayer, she is emerging healed and ready to take a step into a new phase in life.  I not only praise God for His graciousness in Abby’s life but I thank the countless people from literally around the globe who have been our partners in prayer and a very loving community as we have walked with Abby through this ordeal.  Here’s what her dad, Mark, wrote the other day:

Well the last pill was given last night. I still put the spoon back in
the chemo container with the remnant pills and put it away. I don’t
really know what to do with it all now. What will we use that space on
the top of our microwave for now? I’m also going to get back about 2
square feet of cabinet space back too. What will I do with such sacred
space? 🙂  Anyway, pray for Abby’s continued healing. I’m excited
to see the gradual change as her body gets rid of these chemo
substances and starts to slowly back to normal. I bet combination of
low altitude, higher blood counts and lots of sugar in Disneyland will
make for one energetic little girl! And one exhausted little girl by
the end of the day!  Have a great day and enjoy the fireworks in your life too!

So, the family is off to Disneyland and SoCal to do some celebrating this week.  First, to the pier in San Clemente for some precious and much anticipated "ocean" time.  Abby loves the ocean.  Then, to Sea World…and finally to the "promiseland", er, Disneyland for four days.  We’re going to do everything in our power to make sure she has a good time.  Like I said, a new journey is beginning!

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