One thought on “We want your soul – video prophesy!

  1. You are right, this is quite a compelling video. I always find myself at a loss on this subject as to how to change or solve it. It has to be a severe renewal of the mind, but it seems so impossible consideing our total immersion in it. How do we live in a culture that begins injecting these ideas into us the moment we enter the world without being consumed by it in the same way? And becuase it is so cultural, I think it is so key that we are in a community who is traveling towards finding this renewal of the mind together. how can we as a community be doing this for one another? Maybe because consumerism is so based on individualism, it is a constant effort at being in each other’s lives, including our financial lives, the choices we make, the needs we have, ect. I always get the sense that there is this sense that we ought to be in each other’s spiritual lives and we should go to each other with our emotional and spiritual pain, but your finanancial burdens are simply our own to bear– we must earn and deal with our own consequences for ourselves. but if we are whole people, connected people, that this MUST be just as important.


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