Today, the search for an EASTER sermon!

EasterLooking for a good Easter sermon!  That’s right…I’ve read and heard alot of sermons over the past years…unfortunately, most of them focus on the CROSS!  Now, there’s nothing wrong about messages on the cross.  In fact, for a majority of Christ-followers, we need more theology of the cross.  For a sub-culture enamored with triumphalism and "victorious Christian living", the cross shows us again and again the issues of suffering, self-denial, community, grace and forgiveness.  My opinion…humbly…is that we have yet to plumb those depths.  But come on!  Can someone give us a good sermon on Easter?  There is something that happened that day that literally changed the lives of millions of people for 1000’s of years.  There is something that needs to be said about what the "alive" Jesus has to say and do with us.  I listened to several messages on the internet and in person…and I didn’t really hear the "so what" about Easter.  What does Easter have to do with our lives?  Is it just an afterthought of substitutionary atonement?  Is it something that God did simply because he had a dead "son" on his hands?  Does the resurrection have anything to do with your life and mine today?  Is it just about heaven?  If so, what difference does it make in real life, real problems, real relationships, real struggles, etc, etc.?  So, I’m on a search for some good Easter sermons.  Truth is, I’m listening to a pretty good one now…my "old friend" Kevin Murphy @ St. Matthew in Walnut Creek, California has a great take on Easter.  You can check it out on the church’s website ( or on ITunes.  I read a good one on Chris Erdman’s blog (…any others???

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