Restoration Night @ Calgary

DeVries, Aaron and I just spent some time at dinner…talking about Mike’s talk tonight @ the Legacy conference.  He’s speaking on "restoration"…trying to clarify and recast a vision for "constructing" a theology of the Gospel.  "Good News"…that’s what the Gospel is…is it a message to be proclaimed OR is it something we join in or participate in?  Isn’t the Gospel, the real Good News, an actualization and entering into what God is doing in the world and in people’s lives?  Is the Gospel about spiritual benefits?  Eternal life?  Healing?  Those victories that come with believing God OR is it action that God plans on once people answer the call and follow Jesus?  We need a more holistic theology of the Gospel…it isn’t JUST an infomercial..the Gospel isn’t JUST something that takes care of your problems and my problems with brokenness and sin…the Gospel IS MORE…it is a lifestyle…it is action…it is the good news that God has not only restored my heart but now wants me to become an agent of restoration to the world He so desperately loves.  As Scot McKnight once wrote,

"The question the gospel of embracing grace asks is not “what can I do to get in?” but “will I be a part of God’s work?”

You see, the good news is not about what we get out of it but how we get in on what God is doing…we can have the honor, the restored relationship, the trust of the God of the Universe to partner with God in restoring a broken world.

"The gospel is the staged drama of God’s work and we get to take part; God is the central character and, to quote someone more famous than Donald Miller, “all the world’s God’s stage."

We told Mike, cast that vision and you will be serving the students well…

Before Mike speaks in a minute, Aaron and I are listening to two stories…two young adults are telling their narratives…sharing pain, brokenness, addiction, self-abuse, promiscuity, family dysfunction…stories of restoration but not sugar-coated, "look at what Jesus has done for me" stories…but rather  "this is my life and God still calls me to Himself and to participate in His mysteries and His Kingdom as it breaks into my world".  You see, we are healed and restored but we are healed and restored for a PURPOSE! 

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