Cracked Mirrors

Reflecting the image of God has been smashed by sin…DeVries just broke a mirror on stage here in Calgary.  It is part of his talk on being broken and filled with hurt and shattered.  I was thinking about it as Mike was talking…remember that section in 1 Corinthians…"now we are seeing life like looking in a dimmed or shattered mirror…but then we shall see face to face….what we know now is only partial…"  Our brokenness shatters more than our relationship with God…it shatters our perspectives, our knowledge of living, our judgments, our decisions.  We think we are living life with a clear view of what is really going on…but we’re not.  Our view is skewed by the brokenness of our human condition.  That’s why community is so important.  Brokenness is something that should not only drive us to God but should drive us out of hiding and into the light of relationships.  I can’t see myself clearly..but you can.  Today I need to live my life embracing my brokenness but also understanding that I will have the kind of life that God promises once I walk into the loving arms of a waiting Father but also into the relationships around me that will remind me (when I’m thinking I can piece life together on my own or when I resign myself to the brokenness and start looking for quick fixes to feel better) of who I really am. 

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