In Canada – with Aaron and DeVries

Ok – so Aaron and I ended up in Calgary Alberta today.  There is a huge youth conference called, "Legacy", sponsored by the Alliance  and Nazarene University  here in town.  There are about 500 students in a  church building on the outskirts of town…Ben Kroeker of YLI, TEAM conference fame hooked us up with this conference.  Of course, Aaron and I are both sick…really, fevers, colds, the works.  But we’ll survive!

Mike is speaking now on the "Image of God"…we are looking at him up on stage and hearing that "good ole boy" pour his heart out to the students.  They really don’t know what they got themselves into when they invited DeVries…I told him, "you haven’t said anything orthodox for 10 years"…well, that’s not entirely true…but it is close!Aarons_pic  In fact, he’s talking about the "maleness and femaleness of God" and the truth that finite language is attempting to capture the mystery of the God we worship and serve. 

Anyway, we’re here for the weekend hanging with real Canadians…lovers of Moose, cold weather, Tim Hortons, and the word, "eh". 

I’ll keep you posted…we haven’t had an opportunity to see how much of student ministry in Canada outside of our special friendship with Redwood Church in T-Bay, Ontario.  So, we’ll have some opinions about what we see…for sure! 

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