My work is causing me to stumble!

I’ve been working on my doctoral project over the last couple of weeks…in the process of studying "liminality" and its impact on spiritual formation and leadership development, I have read some of Robert Moore’s work on male archetypes.  That alone is netting some very challenging material in my life…but then I turned to the issue of "grandiosity" and how its insidiousness causes even the most centered and grounded of leaders to fall prey to its destructive tentacles.  Here’s how one author defines grandiosity:

“…when you have larger fantasies and wishes for yourself than your real life experience can support so they either make you manic, running around trying to keep up with their demands or they make you depressed because your desires are so high and unachievable that it soon seems useless to try to do anything at all”

Then Moore goes on to say that, "our anxiety declines as our unconscious grandiosity declines".

All this caused me to start asking questions of myself…"when I’m anxious, what is the real reason?"  Now you might understand why my work is causing me to stumble…think about those quotes for yourself!  See what I mean?


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