Amazing Grace? Amazing Movie!

Amazing_gracethumbWell, it may not have had the "church run" like "The Passion" and "Narnia".  It wasn’t touted as the "greatest evangelism tool of the century" and I don’t know how many churches bought out entire showings of the film…but I can say without hesitation that "Amazing Grace" was amazing!  What was great about the film was that it showed a passionate man on Kingdom mission…Wilberforce was a real human being filled with flaws and "habits" that would be regarded by some church types as "inappropriate".  In fact, I don’t know how many local churches would have a guy like Wilberforce on their elder board.  I mean, the guy did gamble, play cards, get addicted to opiates (of course, he was fighting a debilitating case of Colitis), and hang out with all sorts of politicians without demanding his "evangelical" agenda.  He was giving his life for a human agenda…human dignity, freedom, racial equality…just a few things that, I’m sure, are on the heart of God.  So, go see it if you will…there could have been more in the movie.  What is interesting to me is that they made a case for abolition in the movie without showing what many other filmmakers would have shown…dramatized footage of slaves on ships (e.g Amistad).  But the film was powerful enough by telling the story of Wilberforce.  I also loved the way they portrayed John Newton.  I would have loved to know that guy…after watching a bit of the film, I could be his pal!  Anyway, that’s my quick take!  You might not be singing the song "Amazing Grace" after the film but you will be thinking about what difference your life makes as you seek to be faithful to what is close to the heart of God in your sphere of influence! 

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