What I’m reading

I’ve never been one to read just ONE book…usually, I’m skimming new books…reading something in-depth (e.g. just finished Rohr’s book, Everything Belongs after reading it five times back to back)…and going through the first read of a few books all at the same time.  You might call it an obsession; you might call it short attention span syndrome and you’d probably be right.  Oh well…that’s simply the way I’m wired up.  I can tell you though that I continue my fascination with real-life stories or heroism and self-sacrifice.  I just finished fine book called, Untold Valor which is a series of lived moments regarding a number of bomber pilots and personnel from the B-17 and B-24’s during WW2.  They continue to demonstrate how self-absorbed our current generations are.  When the new Pew Study on Young Adults (published summary in USA Today) tells us that young adults are primarily fixated on being famous and rich (81% of those surveyed said that was their number ONE value) the values of the past seem so much more "godlike".  Well, before I slide into homiletic oblivion, here are some of the books I’m currently working through:

Bible Mclaren

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