Boise State Broncos! Dude! Greatest College Game Ever?!

Boise_stateOk – so it isn’t the most "spiritual" of posts for the first one of the new year.  Maybe you thought I would wax theological…biblical…cultural exegesis…I don’t know what you expected.  All I can say is BOISE STATE!  Yep, since we moved to Boise last year, the Bronco football team became "the" ticket.  The locals in Potato-ho are seriously loony over the Broncos.  We checked out a couple of games and being good Idahoans, we dialed into the local phenomenon.  Well, we followed the team all season until last night’s game.  Wow!  I watched the USA hockey team take care of the Russians at the Olympics…I heard the Detroit Tigers on radio in 1968 take the World Series from the heavily favored "Bob Gibson" led St. Louis Cardinals…I have seen a number of awesome sporting events over my 50 "some odd" years…but I would put last night’s game either #1 or #2 of my all-time favorite games…me, Vicky and a few friends were on our feet, knees…we were praying, yelling, crying…emotions everywhere.  It had all the excitement of an entire season of NFL games plus the incredible drama of it occurring in the lives of college students.  I tell you, it was pure awesome!  My buddy Mikey DeVries is a huge Charger fan.  You can peak at his blog and keep up to date on everything that is the San Diego Chargers!  But here’s a shout out to Mikey, "come on Dude…no Charger game can compare to the game last night".  It could be one of the greatest college games ever.  And who would have ever guessed that it would have included a team from Boise, Idaho? 

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