“church” ruined my Christmas


My daughter said those fateful words the other night…here’s the story before you get all bent…my eldest daughter in Colorado in the wonderful mom of 3 of my granddaughters.  They went to church and caught one of those "bugs" that float around in the germ infested children’s ministries of most local churches.  The bug spread through their family like wildfire.  Sick through Christmas…throwing up, colds, etc.  Not only did the snows of Denver prevent them from making their way to our home to be with the rest of the family, but the sicknesses took care of what the snow could not.  It pulled out of them any desire to hit the road with three sick girls not to mention themselves feeling just as bad.  So, our family wasn’t together at Christmas!  Darn church!  (editors note:  please understand that this was written tongue in cheek…I hate hate-filled emails!). Frankly, I love that line…"church" ruined my Christmas!  Talk about something that could preach!

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