Reply from Yambar!

Creatorsyambar_2Everytime I flash the "Batman" sign in the sky (i.e. place another entry on my blog), the irreplaceable comic crusader Chris Yambar chimes in with his usual wit and bravado.  Here are Yambar’s comments on the "Christmas facts".  As usual, classic Yambarian!  Check out more Yambar for your own sanity and righteousness.

1) I’m serious about these questions: When Mary was found to be with child this was before she and Joseph were married, right? If so does this mean that Christ was carried by an unwed mother? Would that make God Christ’s baby daddy? Did this lead Joseph to eventually leave them for some milk and smokes later in Jesus’ life? New mysteries of the church?

2) I’m thankful for the blessing of cookies.

3) I’m impressed by Santa’s missionary position.

4) Happy holidays or as they say at Wal-Mart: "Merry Christmas. Will that be cash, check, or charge?"
Looking forward to working with you in 2007.

Naughty but nice, Rev. Chris Yambar

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