Podcasts COMING!

People that I know are calling me crazy…but hey, I am and so what!  I
want to start doing some podcasts next month.  So, deal with it!
Seriously, it will be fun!  I have all the tech stuff at my home to do
it and I have lots of people in my journey who love to talk about all
sorts of stuff.  So beginning in December, the Youth Leadership
Institute will begin a podcast produced live from the Dugall home
studio in beautiful Eagle, Idaho.  We’ll cover topics like the
"Missional Order of Revolutionaries", Missional living and ministry,
YLI, and other topics of interest.  I’m going to try to get some
interviews with some of our YLI speakers from the past…the
irresistible Chris Yambar; the one and only Mike DeVries..Nate, the
Canadian Metrosexual, Barnes…Ben "I am god" Kroeker…the YLI
staff…whoever will talk to me!  We’ll let you know where to pick up
the cast as soon as the first one is ready!  For questions, email me!  rdugall@apu.edu

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