Egos and Ministry

TitreRichard Rohr in his powerful book, Everything Belongs, states the following,

"I’ve seen far too many activitists who are not the answer.  Their head answer is largely correct but the energy, the style, and the soul are not.  So if they bring about the so-called revolution they are working for, I don’t want to be part of it (especially if they are in charge).  They might have the answer, but they are not themselves the answer.  In fact, they are part of the problem.  That’s one reason that most revolutions fail.  They self-destruct from within.  Jesus and the great spiritual teachers primarily emphasized transformation of consciousness and soul.  Unless that happens, there is no revolution…overly zealous reforms tend to corrupt the reformers, while they remain incapable of seeing themselves as unreformed.  We need less reformation and more transformation"

Ooooo, this is mighty tasty!  I don’t want to get into the proverbial finger pointing…I believe that Rohr is right.  The "revolution" needs less leaders who are growing in popularity, having bigger book deals and growing churches.  In fact, the critique that many of those "emergent" leaders leveled against the church of modernity is having less relevance and a growing "aire" of hypocrisy.  Popularity and notoriety have their place (I think…I’m not sure though) if authentic transformation is occurring in the hearts and lives of those who are living the revolution.  But I believe Rohr has something very powerful and prophetic to add to the discussion these days…if you are leading a revolution, it is ultimately going to lead to your corruption.  Power, the lights of celebrity, growing influence over the populace, ego, etc. will eventually start to draw you into the very thing that you are protesting and trying to reform.  People will start saying stronger and crazier things just to get an ear.  People will start to wield more and more control in order to hold on to that which feeds the insatiable appetite of ego and narcissism.  Rohr goes on in this section of the book and says,

"…we all say, "this is it" and we jump on the bandwagon, the new politically correct agenda.  And then we discover it’s run by unenlightened people who in fact do not love God but themselves."

I’ve been hearing of more and more leaders attempting to get out of the spotlight. Believe me, that’s probably the best move they can make.  I believe it is always best for us to be faithful in the sphere to which God calls us…to covet a broader voice or imprint on culture is to simply ask for trouble.  Wouldn’t you love to see more humility, cooperation, descending egos/influence rather than people who have a real place in the revolution fall into phoniness and hypocrisy?  I know I do! 

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