Bunny Suicides, Timmy Ho’s, Pubs and the Journey

Bunny_suicide_3Those darn Canucks! They kinda get into my blood…I’m on my way home from a week of teaching @ Pacific Life Bible College in Surrey, BC, Canada. About 30 students took a journey with me this week through the scriptures and into student ministry. We concentrated our time on “Teaching Methods and Strategies for Youth Ministry”. Under some great direction (yo Clint and Dennis), PLBC is attempting to break the mold of what has become irrelevant student ministry training in numerous settngs around the world. The student ministry world is still stuck in the 60’s and 70’s paradigm of the celebrity Christian who leads youth by means of personal charisma. Armed with entertainment, “needs based” sensitivities, and a challenge from the local church leadership to “keep the kids in our church at all costs”, a majority of youth workers are still in denial that a vast number of students are “emerging” from youth programs as Moralistic Therapeutic Deists…a few months or years away from dropping out of the adventure of faith for good. To see a school attempting to address student ministry from different perspectives while affirming a methodology of student ministry based on transformation, difference making, and cultural immersion is truly a joy! So, after a week of classes, good conversation, trips to local pubs for wings and hockey, more bagels from Timmy Ho’s than I can count, and a proliferation of “eh’s”, I’m at the Sea/Tac airport awaiting my trip to the home terrain. Again, thanks to all my new (and old) pals and compadres in Surrey. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do in our partnership as we take some new Kingdom steps together. Especially thanks to Mel, Dave, Mike, Bubba, Margaret, Reigan, Mary, Chris, JJ, Katie, Tamara, Gracie, Nate and ALL the rest! Love hanging with all of you! I’m going to remember and thank God for this last week for a long time! How aboot that, eh?

One thought on “Bunny Suicides, Timmy Ho’s, Pubs and the Journey

  1. Yes…Canadians are pretty cool. My brothers and sisters from up north definitely are some of my favorite people. If only I could be anywhere as cool as them. I try…


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