One. This Sunday.

America is a land of many races, ethnic groups, and religions. Though we come from different traditions of faith, we can join together, as ONE, in the fight against global AIDS and poverty. For each ONE of us, our faith compels us to do acts of compassion: provide food for the hungry and care for the suffering.

Let us join together with ONE voice and ONE goal: to fight global AIDS and poverty.

PLEASE join the ONE campaign today! Click here. One_banners001_468_88

Greeting Community Members,

This coming Sunday, October 15th, Rembrandts Coffee House and the Landing Community, Center will host a ONE Campaign “Stand Up Against Poverty” event on October 15, 2006, from 2:00-6:00 p.m. Across the country, Americans will stand up in their churches, on their campuses,
and in their communities to ask our leaders to make poverty history. STAND UP is an exciting challenge to set an official Guinness World Record for the greatest number of people ever to STAND UP against poverty and in support of ONE’s Millennium Development Goals, dedicated to ending global poverty by 2015.

As many of you know, The Landing Community Center and Rembrandts Coffee House have organized the Idaho Chapter of the ONE Campaign – To Make Poverty History. The chapter is working in partnership with local organizations, businesses, and government agencies to raise awareness for global AIDS and extreme poverty. Rembrandts will provide free drip coffee and snacks to participants in this historic event.

So, now on to what is going to happen at the event. Sunday afternoon from 2:00pm to 6:00pm, Rembrandts Coffee House will host an open house. There will be free drip coffee provided (barista closed) and snacks provided by Rembrandts. From about 3:00 to 5:00, we will show the documentary “Invisible Children” in the main room of the restaurant. Afterwards, there will be an optional discussion time and more socialization time. Here is a small press release on the film.

“Can a story change the world? In the spring of 2003, three young Americans traveled to Africa in search of such a story. What started out as a filmmaking adventure in Africa transformed into much more, when these three boys from Southern California found themselves stranded in Northern Uganda. What they found was a tragedy that disgusted and inspired them – a story where children are the weapons and the victims. They discovered children being abducted from their homes and forced to fight as child soldiers. The “Invisible Children: Rough Cut” film exposes the effects of a 20-year-long war on the children of Northern Uganda. They originally screened the film in June 2004 for friends and family and soon expanded to high schools, colleges and religious institutions. From suburban living rooms to Capitol Hill, with coverage on Oprah, CNN, the National Geographic Channel, and more, this film has taken on a life of its own. This wonderfully reckless documentary is fast-paced, with an MTV beat, and is truly unique. To see Africa through young eyes is humorous and heartbreaking, quick and informative – all in the same breath.”

What are we asking?

1. First off, come to the event! Come hang out, have some fun, enjoy each other’s company, and support The One Campaign.

2. Second, sign up that you will attend the event. Visit and input your information that you will be attending the event. A bunch of us have signed up already, so please add your name to the list.

3. Finally, tell people about what is going on and invite others. We are hoping to get quite the crowd and create a well-known event. The more the merrier!

We hope that everyone can make it and sorry about the short notice, but ONE barely got the information out and we had to do things hasty. If you have any questions, feel free to email or call. Hope to see you there and God Bless!

Grace and Peace,
Mark and Rickard and Robin

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