Off to Suffer IN the Kingdom

Snork_01I love engaging people in a discussion about sacred space. You know what I’m talking about…there is a dictomy in the Christian sub-culture about what is “secular/Christian vs. sacred”. We have branded a number of things in our lives with one label or the other…”secular music”…”sacred sanctuaries”…”secular books”…”Christian books”…”secular Universities”…”Christian magazines”. One gets the impression that there are places where God “is” not. Unfortunately, God is everywhere. There isn’t a molecule in the universe that isn’t drenched with the presence of God. Because of that, there is no place that can be regarded as truly “secular” space. The presence of God is everywhere…we just haven’t recognized it or acknowledged it. Well, this post isn’t meant to be a vast discussion on omnipresence…it is rather to “announce” a vacation from blogging…yep, just when I was lamenting several days ago about not being able to post regularly, I now realize that I have to take a break from blogging because I am about to leave in order to “find God’s presence” on the island of Kauai. It seriously is a quest for clarification and to prove, once and for all, that the presence of God’s Kingdom permeates every place on the face of the planet. I have heard rumors that Kauai is a place where God dwells…I’m off for the next six days to prove it to myself. Truly, this is an intellectual exercise. So, pray for my discoveries. Frankly, this is real suffering in the Kingdom. I’d much rather just trust people with their ascertion that the presence of God is IN Kauai…but being a materialist, I have to prove it to myself. So, I’m off to suffer! Pray that my discovery pleases God and brings some closure to my intellectual issues. Ha!

One thought on “Off to Suffer IN the Kingdom

  1. There’s a real good reason why Tiki gods are so popular over there! And GOD said, “It is good!” Hope your trip was a fun and relaxing one. You’re so brave to willingly suffer so much for the kingdoms sake. With you in ‘spirits’.


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