YLI on MySpace.com

30344_myspace_logoOK, so I have to admit that I’m not a very big Myspace.com fan. I was at first…I thought, in fact, that I might want to tap into the technological phenom as a manner of continuing the conversation and journey that I am on with over 450 high school and college aged students who are committed to being “called and gifted by God to be difference makers in their world to God’s glory (yli’s mission)”. But after I started my own account about 6 months ago, I was “prompting” propositioned be a few “younger women” online. Now, I’m not trying to brag about this…in fact, it was a huge upsetting part of my life at that particular time. I quickly revealed the “problem” to my pal and wife, Vicky, who “suggested” that Myspace.com might not be the space for my life. So, I quickly ejected. Even so, as time has gone by, I have logged in to myspace.com to check out what’s happening…much to my surprise and shock. As you know if you’ve been there, it is a mixed bag…delightful and downright evil. So you can imagine when my son (who is now overseeing the YLI website content a couple of hours a week) told me he was putting together (in partnership with Chay-dawg) a new YLI myspace.com account. Well, I just checked it out and it is pretty cool..videos, chat, announcements about yli events upcoming, fun pics…it’s all good. So, I’m going to resign myself to it at this point. Of course, the big discussion on the myspace.com account now is whether YLI is a male or female and how old…geezer or young pup? Oh well..so much for the internet.

You can check out YLI’s myspace.com site @ http://www.myspace.com/yliapu. Don’t forget to check out our other site, Youth Leadership Institute.

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