Been too busy lately…but I’m back “for now”

You see that right…been too crazy lately just playing the “work” game. I love the blogging but it just seems to go to the “bottom of the pile” too quickly. Oh well. Today’s thought is expressed by the picture above. Click on it and take a better look. We’ve been living in the flow of a faith community over the past number of months. I love what a good buddy of mine says about community, “everybody loves the idea of community until they are actually in one”. It’s true. Community sounds like a good idea…it is biblical, theologically consistent with God’s vision for our lives, and definitively relevant to this point in history. The problem is living it. I’ve known too many people who jump into the stream of community only to get too discouraged by the “messiness” of it. When Mike Yaconelli wrote the amazing book, Messy Spirituality, I wish he would have had the time in his life to write one entitled, Messy Community. I don’t know, maybe I’ll have to take that on. If you are thinking about community, don’t be too shallow in your contemplation to actually believe that community is going to be easy. If it was, everybody would be doing it and Jesus wouldn’t have had to say as many times as he did, “love your enemies…love one another as I have loved you”. I think if we all went into community expecting messes, we would be able to navigate it with more faithfulness and love. Community is God’s dream…we need to enter into it with boldness and in the spirit of prayer…we do need to love each other in a manner that is revolutionary and subversive. If you really want to make community happen, you are going to have to be dedicated to loving people in the journey of life in a manner that is radically different than the way 99% of the relationships that surround you operate. Because sooner of later, the relationship and community is going to get very messy. Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on your perspective), that’s really when community begins!

We’ll see how much more I can blog this week. For those of you who visit this site often, bear with me!

One thought on “Been too busy lately…but I’m back “for now”

  1. To Christainize and paraphrase the late Groucho Marx, “I knew that this church was messed up the minute I stepped into it!” The emphasis on the mess being the “I” that just walked in. The best thing about real Christian community living is that it reveals exactly how messy “I” am. It also reminds me that I continually need a Savior. In that moment I gain the necessary humilitarian perspective to be both teachable by God and forgiving to those around me (who have also not yet arrived). It’s easy to stand outside of a machine and throw rocks at it. It’s a sharp pain in the butt to enter into the inner workings of that said machine and make collective progress and long term positive change at the same time,not only with the machine as a whole but within oneself a single functioning member of it.
    Robin, maybe we should discuss co-writing a book on the necessary messiness of community living. I’m certain that we’ve got enough life experience and have tons of communal scar tissue in attempts to actually follow the Acts model. Perhaps topical publishing should become a part of the YLI-2.0 evolution. Practical, matter of fact, human, fun, accessable stuff that can be absorbed and applied for an inner revolution and the 3-D expression of that neo-outter-view that will follow as a result. I’m ready to roll into gotham if you are. C’mon, boy wonder.


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