Thinking about the next Missional move

05061_thinking_on_one_footIn the community that I have the honor of belonging to, we are at a moment of transition. Having been called together to “do life” together and to live the journey of following Jesus, we are now attempting to plan a strategy of next steps in being faithful in our context. I’ve been thinking…pondering…in some instances, writing down ideas…praying…talking with my pal and wife, Vicky…giving some imagination to what a community like ours can do to bring our passions, giftedness and our obedience to Jesus into play. We’re contemplating a bi-monthly worship experience that we would “offer” to the Eagle, Idaho community on Sunday evenings…the purpose, to utilize the giftedness that our community has in public worship and to continue to call people into transformative lives, lifestyles and relationships. I don’t want the worship experience to be attractional for the purpose of “building” something that looks and acts like traditional “church’ but to do a worship experience that would be creative, engaging, participatory and open to people’s Kingdom journey. In addtion, many in our community have passions for students…so we are on the verge of partnering with another faith community in Eagle and Young Life to begin a junior high program once-a-month for Eagle Middle School. Add to that weekly “gathering” for our community to engage in deeper life and accountability in our following of Jesus and living the Kingdom and I “think” we have a pretty well rounded “mission”. As many of you know, this issue is paramount on my heart over the last months. I’ve been trying to balance a new home, new friendships, the Youth Leadership Institute and my commitment to Azusa Pacific University, the online classes I teach and other commitments WHILE I spent time imagining a growing presence of Kingdom living in our new home. I’m consulting with people who are a few steps ahead of our community and getting great support. I’m talking with old friends about faithfulness in living missionally. I’m reading some books on how others have imagined this kind of journey. So, I’ll keep you posted…in fact, if you have any ideas, resources or feedback for me, email away! Question for you though: what are you thinking about lately? What is capturing your imagination as you live for the Kingdom in your sphere of influence?

One thought on “Thinking about the next Missional move

  1. Robin,
    I guess I hung around you too much last month. The concept of community; how to live it, how to start it, what it looks like, has been on my heart like never before.

    I can’t say it’s been all exciting, I spend a lot of time discouraged and wondering if I’ll ever be able to taste it like I dream it. I have been working it out and the more I think about it the harder it seems. I am encouraged by what’s happening in Idaho. I do get excited when I describe what you guys are doing up there.

    God is definately teaching me. I am encouraged by some of the conversations I’ve been having.



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