The Future of Movies?

002Date Night last night with Vicky…had a great time as usual. Good conversation…holding hands through the night…hanging out…all good! Many of you already know, that for many years I have taken Friday off to be able to have a “date day” with my wife. Without getting “preachy”, all I can say is “do it”. No long sermon…no guilt trips…all I can say to any and all who are blessed with the opportunity to share your life’s journey with a spouse is that you MUST set aside the time to grow your relationship. No “monthly” time…no “time when we have the $$ for a babysittter”…just do it. No more excuses. Anyway, “Monster House” was on the agenda for date night. I must admit, I’m a huge fan of animation…always have been. That’s why I’m down with my homie Chris Yambar in his artistic and subversive work in the arena of comic books ( So, after a slew of other choices and dodging the “romantic comedy” bullet, we went to see “Monster House”. I thought it was simply going to be projected in the digital format but, much to my delight, it came up with a 3D presentation. Now, that was cool. Put it this way, not that great of a movie…I enjoyed it…was a bit annoyed by it given the fact that so many little kids were in the theater with us…but the bottom line is that 3D is becoming a new wave of film presentation. Studios are trying to do something to bring people back into the theater. Well, it worked. If the studios offer more and more films in 3D, I’m there! It is flat out fun! Even the glasses that you have to wear have a cool “retro” feel to them. Unfortunately, the bump up the price a bit for the 3D presentation…that’s NOT cool…but all in all, “good time” (as my son, Aaron would say). I don’t recommend the film per se, but I do love the 3D stuff.

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