Back at it

WorkingfromhometodayAfter a few days of down time, I’m back at the grindstone hacking out some long awaited tasks. One conference is finished but YLI has two more in the hopper…both coming up in the next two weeks. We’re not scrambling because much of the tedious work is completed, but there are still things to be accomplished. In addition, August is the month when the online courses that I teach at APU ( begin. There are updates on syllabi and overviewing the course content so that it does what it is supposed to do. All in all, things are just popping. I am seeking the Spirit’s guidance in so many ways this summer…from family matters to what the next step is in fulfilling the call that God has placed on my life to live the Kingdom. Our community here in Eagle is about to “open up” to some new people who have an interest in not only joining community but vowing to follow a Rabbi (in Jesus) and a lifestyle that is distinctly missional. Add to that our alignment and partnership with two other dynamic communties and you got some fun things happening. Our community has also covenanted together to begin doing worship expereinces that we will open up to the city (at large) as a means of offering a Sunday night worship, teaching and koinania with a distinctly missional and Kingdom perspective. Our community/ekklesia is loaded with people who have music, art, creative drama and teaching gifts…so we will seek to invest those gifts in our town as a means of spreading the virus of the Kingdom in our midst. More on that later. Add to that YLI (…we are in partnership with Allelon ( in beginning an Internship for college students in Missional Ministry and Living. Our experience in enabling and equipping emerging leaders shows us that talking and teaching is one thing…experiencing and living is something completely different. Young Leaders need to not only think differently about ministry in a postmodern context, they need to experience is dynamically and communally. This fall we are beginning with possibly 5 or 6 of our YLI alumni (those who have experienced at least one TEAM conference) moving to Eagle, Idaho…living in community, serving sacrificially as well as learning and being mentored by creative missional thinkers such as Alan Roxburgh, Mark Priddy, Rickard Bjerkander, Gary Waller and others from the Allelon Ministry. So, all in all, it is all good. Obviously more to blog on…but for now…gotta go!

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