Day Eight at TEAM 06

Call_jpgI’m really too tired to blog tonight..but I had to give a quick update. Today started out with a serious conversation with our YLI community ON community. I challenged the students to NOT go and serve people in the Glendora area with the worship of their humble service unless they were doing it in solidarity and in unity with one another. That lead to a small group time where students confessed hurts and brought down any and all walls in relationships that would have prevented them from demonstrating in the neighborhoods they served the unity and miracle of community. After a miraculous day of service to the Glendora community that truly healed and continued to solidify a “servant’s heart” in the lives of the students, we celebrated the last night of TEAM 06 with a “student led” general session. Eric and Heather gave the message on acceptance and love and how a revolutionary generation is called to love even the disenfranchised and perceived enemy of the modern church. It was an inspiring night…including drama, dance and worship music all provided by the students of TEAM. Tomorrow is our last day…I’ll give you a picture of that tomorrow as we call the students to join a Missional Order of Revolutionaries for the Kingdom during a last session. More to come…

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