The Lion of YLI

CreatorsyambarI just have to chime in tonight…this is a more personal blog in the sense that it reflects some conversations and relationships of the day that were significant. There are times in your life as a Christ-follower when someone speaks and shares something that simply makes sense. Not only that, but it strikes at the heart of what you’ve been feeling and attempting to live. Yambar and I were hanging out tonight with some of the YLI staff at The Hat restaurant in Glendora. Chris was nursing a huge order of onion rings and I was porking on the house specialty, the “world famous pastrami sandwich”. Seriously friends, it is THE best pastrami in the world…trust me, I don’t lie about pastrami. While we were just hanging out, Chris started sharing about his track time at the conference and an elongated story about lions and growls and “dangerous living”. It was truly a God-moment for me. I tell you, this boy has found a brother to hold on to for life…Chris’ sharing of the strength of the lion…his exercise with his students in growling…his encouragement in the face of the potential dangers of the culture that literally stall out and negate the Kingdom potential of so many people who claim Jesus as Lord was truly a moment that stirred my heart. I can’t get it out of my mind. In fact, despite a great message from Scot McKnight and the issue with my granddaughter that I mentioned in the blog above, this has gotten under my skin. I have always wondered why the Aslan stories have meant so much to me…you see, He isn’t a tame lion. And neither should we be. But that’s another blog. I’m going to start studying lions…I think that is something that is going to take up some time over the next few weeks. I tell you, praise God for community…praise God for the “circumstances” that the Spirit orchestrated to bring Yambar into my journey…I’ve made a friend for life. Hey, this is a “friend with benefits”…if you know what I mean! Come on, get your head out of the gutter…I mean, benefits in terms of comics and entertainment and Kingdom challenges! Now, that’s friendship!

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