Days Five and Six at TEAM 06

Mikeerre_picDays Five and Six were studies in paradox living…one was spend with the students “canvasing” a local neighborhood simply attempting to serve people. It was powerful to see them go door to door asking people how they could serve in the context of their lives. Many students reported a huge sense of skeptism, cynicism, and rejection from the people who even bothered to open the door. In fact, the students said it was “sad, tragic, horrible” (their words, not mine) that there is so much fear in neighborhoods even for circumstances where people reach out to help and serve one another. Despite that, Friday this week will see our students in the Glendora area mowing lawns, fixing fences, cleaning and generally, serving. Tuesday night was our “Jackhammer” experience…our yearly Labrynth of worship…Chaya Martini and her team designed the experience where students are invited to particpate in an evening of reflection, worship, confession, creative expression…it is too big to even summarize. This fall we will be “publishing” a summary of the Youth Leadership Institute’s worship experiences over the past four years…you can find out more throught that publication. We will also be posting pictures on the YLI website ( Wednesday, it was back to the “grind” of our normal schedule…theological reflection and teaching, small groups, track times, meals and our general session. Mike Erre, teaching pastor from Rock Harbor Church in Costa Mesa, CA. was our guest ( More than a friend to many of us in the YLI community and journey, Mike has been an inspiration to us of faithful Christ-following and Kingdom living. Many of the YLI staff spent at least one year within the flow of the Rock Harbor community. We love Mike…you just don’t want to sit too close to him when he speaks…he sweats! Just a high energy dude! Mike shared a message of mercy and justice…calling students into deep communion with Jesus being set free to pursue of life of freedom. Remember, within about a week or two, we’ll be posting all of our TEAM conference general session messages on the YLI website…Mike’s message will definitely be one you want to check out. More to come tomorrow…Scot McKnight comes to TEAM…sounds a bit hokey, but you get the picture!

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